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Diamond can handle all your insurance needs, whether its auto, home, life, fire, health or commercial insurance.  Call us today at :         Diamond Insurance Agency         830-249-7475 
June 16, 2011 Michael R. Ms. Diamond Kemp Diamond Insurance Agency RE: Medical Insurance Coverage Ms. Kemp: I wish to express my personal appreciation for all that you have done to ease my mind with respect to my medical coverage. I am working, as you know, outside of the Country in New Zealand. Trying to handle my work here and resolve my personal matters back home, can be quite a challenge. When I discovered that my COBRA coverage had ended, I became very alarmed, as you might imagine. I remembered meeting you in Boerne, Texas at a Mason Claims Seminar and we were introduced by Holly Pierce of Mason Claims. I needed immediate help and I thought perhaps you could resolve my personal dilemma. I had no idea how easy and expeditiously the problem could be resolved through you. I spoke to you at 10:30 AM on June 15th; I received an immediate response from IMG Global by 2:00 PM, completed the forms on- line, uploaded them and received an immediate response and copy of my new insurance card. Needless to say, I was comforted and extremely impressed with the efficiency you and your company handled this matter for me. Anyone who I may come in contact with, needing medical insurance, I will definitely let them know your contact information. It has been a pleasure and I truly do appreciate all that you have done for me. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Michael R.
The Smith Family, Boerne, TX On August 21, there was an accident involving our teenage children riding on the tailgate of a pickup truck. On behalf of all the families involved, we would like to thank you for the people who responded for their hard efforts that they perform day after day. From Airlife, Boerne Police and Kendall County deputies to Fire and EMS departments and the First Response team: from the very kind person who called 9-1-1 to our Agent, Diamond Kemp, Diamond Insurance Agency, in Boerne. Each person handled this situation with the utmost professionalism, dedication and respect for all parties involved-injured or not. Please parents, “again” explain the dangers of riding in the back of a pickup, whether standing or sitting down, slow or fast, the injuries could become the same. It is also against the law under 18 years of age.What could have been a tragedy, thank goodness, turned out to be somewhat a positive outcome and a very scary lesson for everyone involved.  Again from our families to yours, we say thank you for all that you do for our community. God bless and thank you for your prayers.
Dana Hinds, Agent Hinds Insurance Agency, San Antonio, TX Thanks for your advice and tips. It’s always good to have other agents to talk with and provide support. 
Roger WillbornRio Tejas, LLC., Boerne, TX When I had my accident in 2007, I called my agent, Diamond Kemp, and she helped me better understand the claims process. With her help I was able to get through the process without too much frustration.
Ken Jamison Family Fair Oaks, TX I have been with the Diamond Insurance Agency since I moved to Boerne in 1999. She has provided Home, Auto and Commercial Insurance for me. I have been very pleased with the response to my requests and the exceptional customer care provided by her and her staff.
Debi Lamb, Owner Of Penguin Suits Inc., Marketing, Boerne, TX Thank you for sponsoring Sam's Kids. Your constant support in the community is a huge help to all the non-profits and their missions.
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